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Why Grow Wildflowers?
Over the last 50 years we have lost around 98% of our wildflower meadows, these natural sites were important wildlife rich habitats, teaming with biodiversity. 

Wildflowers provide important food for our native insects, not only nectar and pollen for bees, butterflies and moths but also caterpillars that feed on the plants.

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Insects may seem insignificant, but actually have a huge impact on the world in which we live. Without insects we would lose most of our food – fruits, vegetables and nuts need to be pollinated before they will produce any crop.

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Once a significant feature of the British landscape, wildflowers are now becoming more and more scarce which in turn is having an impact on our native insect populations.

Swathes of mown grass, huge fields of a single species, road verges sprayed in herbicide and hedges pulled up have all reduced the natural feeding, breeding and living areas of our native insect species. This in turn has a knock on effect. Many of our favourite birds feed on insects, hedgehogs too are mainly insectivores, as are bats.  The loss of their food source has caused numbers to crash.

Ancient grassland contains  rare species of wildflower, fungi and insects. Orchids, wax-cap mushrooms and meadow ants will only thrive on these sites.

With only tiny pockets of flowers left, pollinators need to fly further afield to get food, some species become isolated making breeding opportunities smaller.

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Help wildlife by protecting wildflowers and hedgerows.  Stand up for nature! We can also help feed the bees and other pollinators by growing wildflowers in our spaces, making their foraging journey easier.

Seedball Royal Entomological Society Range

We are excited to offer a collaborative product with the Royal Entomological Society, to  help insects. Three new mixes, of wildflowers to attract and support important species.

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