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Marbled White Butterfly
The Big Butterfly Count 2023
This year’s Big Butterfly Count begins on 14th July, and is the largest public conservation survey in the world! Run by our friends at: Butterfly Conservation

Natural Indicator

Butterflies are a fantastic indicator of the natural environment around us. Meaning environmentalists and conservationists can gain lots of important information from the data collected by this annual survey.

Some butterfly numbers are stable, such as the Large White, but many are endangered, with over all numbers crashing  since the 1970’s. Habitat loss and pesticide usage over the years, has had a massive impact on butterfly numbers.

Butterflies and moths usually complete their life cycle in a single year, providing food for other wildlife; especially small birds who feed their young with caterpillars.


Every summer in the UK, people can do their bit for conservation research, simply by spending 15 minute counting butterflies. What a lovely activity!

Click here to sign up!


Butterfly identification help

Scientists are able to assess the health of our environment by analysing the amount and type of butterflies we see. You can count every day or just one day and it is a great thing to do with the kids on a walk or in the garden for 15 minutes.

ID Guides

Check out the ID guide by guest blogger, Nick Ostler butterfly ID. Download the free app to identify and record the butterflies you spot. 
Use the handy butterfly ID chart on the Butterfly Conservation website.

Butterfly ID Sheet for England
Click for a large printable version of the ID guide

IMAGE: Marbled White by Bob Eade © Butterfly Conservation.

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