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Wildflower Tins
Salad & Herb Tins
Meadow Pots
Seed Boxes

    Hero Lawn

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  • Seedball Poppy Matchbox
  • Seedball Cornflower Matchbox
  • Seedball Forget-Me-Not Matchbox
Grab Bags (100 Balls)
  • Seedball Yellow Rattle PouchYellow Rattle
  • OFFERSeedball Wildflower Lawn Pouch
  • Seedball Forget Me Not PouchSeedball Forget Me Not Pouch Reverse
  • Seedball Cornflower Pouch
Single Flower Bags (50 Balls)
  • Seedball Birdsfoot Trefoil Pouch
  • Seedball Chamomile Pouch
  • Seedball Corn Marigold Pouch
  • Seedball Cornflower Pouch
  • Seedball Cow Parsley Pouch
Bulk Bags

    Hedgehog Highway

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  • Image showing an open navy blue gift box with shredded paper packaging in and a gold bee on the lid. Within the shredded paper lies four round silver tins; each tin has a different coloured label. One is orange, one is purple, one is turquoise green and one is sky blue. The orange tin contains a yellow 'L' on the front, the purple tin a light blue 'O', the turquoise green tin a dark blue 'V', and the skyblue tin a purple 'E'. They are arranged in a square within the box and spells the word 'love'.LOVE Tins
  • Wildlife Cards

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  • Two Tins on blue Love Bees
  • Seedball Tube SetSeedball Tube Set
  • burgon & ball white watering can gardening gift
Wedding Favours
  • Five matchboxes with different wedding designs; the boxes are arranged in a square. One of the boxes is open showing the clay seedballs within. The designs on the boxes include a green one with blue, yellow, red and white flowers on, a white one with 'Let Love Bloom' written in red cursive writing. Another design has a white background with a dark pink, light pink and yellow watercolour splodges on. Another has a white background with small red petal-shaped dots expanding out in an explosion like fireworks around the personalised words. The final box has a white background with lines bursting out from one point going in different directions, and has flowers and butterflies within.


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