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White clover

Trifolium repens

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white clover

Conservation Status

Green, least concern

Best Time to See

Flowers from June to September

Natural Habitat

Almost any grassy habitat

Often found in parks, banks and lawns – any type of grassland habitat – white clover is the commonest of the clovers.

The leaves have the archetypal ‘cloverleaf’ shape: three rounded leaflets often with a pale band. As it’s name suggests, the flowers are white and form a cluster.

Common across the UK.

Did you know?
Vernacular names include Milky blobs, Sheepy-maa’s and Bee-bread. The latter name “Bee-bread” derives from the fact that the white flowers can be pulled out of the heads and sucked for a bead of honey.

Four- and, even better, five-leaved clovers are considered lucky, though ideally you must come across them accidentally. They were pressed and used as bookmarks in prayer books in parts of Buckinghamshire.

www.plantlife.org.uk for more information

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