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Embrace No Mow May™: Transform Your Lawn for Wildlife with Seedball

Spring is in full bloom, and it’s time to join the #NoMow May movement! At Seedball, we’re passionate about promoting biodiversity and supporting wildlife-friendly gardening practices. This May, let’s lock away lawnmower and celebrate the beauty of wildflowers in our gardens. Join us as we explore the benefits of No Mow May™ and discover how Seedball can help you create a vibrant and eco-friendly lawn.

The #NoMow May Movement

#NoMow May is a grassroots campaign led by Plantlife, a UK charity dedicated to conserving wild plants and their habitats. The campaign encourages homeowners and landowners to stop mowing their lawns for the entire month of May. By allowing grass to grow longer and bloom into wildflowers, participants can provide essential habitat for pollinators, insects, and other wildlife.

Supporting Biodiversity with Seedball

But maybe your lawn is not that diverse? Perhaps you have just bought a new build property or turfed over your previously paved over front garden. Not to fear! At Seedball, we’re proud to offer a range of wildflower seed mixes specially designed for#NoMow lawns. We even have collaborated with Plantlife to create a unique mix that proceeds of which supports the Greena Moor reserve in Cornwall. By purchasing this mix, you’re not only creating a haven for wildlife in your own garden but also contributing to the conservation of precious habitats like Greena Moor.

Introducing Our Lawn Flowers Mix

In addition to our Plantlife mix, our Lawn Flower Mix, developed in collaboration with the Wildlife Trusts is here in perfect time for #nomow May. This mix contains a diverse selection of wildflowers specifically chosen to thrive in low-maintenance lawn settings. For every sale of our Lawn Flower Mix, we donate £1 to the Wildlife Trusts, supporting their vital conservation work across the UK.

Benefits of #NoMow Lawns

1. Habitat Creation: #NoMow lawns provide essential habitat for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, helping to support declining insect populations.

2. Water Conservation: By reducing mowing frequency, #NoMow lawns require less water and maintenance, contributing to water conservation efforts.

3. Biodiversity Boost: Allowing grass to grow longer and bloom into wildflowers increases biodiversity in your garden, creating a healthier ecosystem for plants and animals.

Join the #NoMow Movement Today!

This May, let’s make a difference for wildlife by embracing #NoMow May! Put away the lawnmower, scatter some Seedball wildflower seed balls, and watch as your lawn transforms into a haven for biodiversity. Together, we can create greener, wilder spaces that benefit both people and nature. Join us on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable future!

Ana & Em

Seedball founders Ana & Emily

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