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National Nestbox Week

National nest box week starts on Valentine’s Day on the 14th. This is the perfect time to install a nest box, and help out the dwindling garden bird population. As gardens have become tidier and many hedges replaced with fences, there are fewer and fewer places for birds to nest.

Even if you are renting you can pop up a nest box and become a landlord to feathered tenants!

There are many different types of nest boxes to choose from, the most important thing is to place it somewhere safe, where the new parents can raise their chicks without having to tackle severe weather or predators.

Location, location, location

Place your nest box at least 1m up from the ground. It is a good idea to angle the entrance in a north or east direction, if you are able. This should avoid the prevailing winds and worst weather.

Noisy neighbours

Don’t put nest boxes too close together; this may trigger territorial behaviour. Also, do not place near a feeder, which can become busy and disturb broods.

Ideally, fix your nest box to a tree; although a wall, fence or shed side will work. Make sure the flight path is clear, and the entrance is not obscured by leaves or branches. 

Now is also a good time to clear out, repair or replace old nest boxes.

Click on the button below to go to the National Nestbox Week website and find the best nest box for your space.

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