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Let Herbs and Salads Bloom for Busy Bees

You are probably growing herbs and salads for their amazing flavours and health benefits. But did you know they also are amazing for pollinators? When allowed to flower, they become buzzing hubs of activity, and they are quick to grow and to flower – making them a great choice to plant in summer months.

And did you know that herbs also have health benefits for pollinators? Research has shown that bees seek out specific herbs, like thyme, to self-medicate against fungal infections. So, not only do herbs and salads benefit us, but they also provide support for our pollinator friends.

Let Your Edible Garden Bloom:
When growing herbs and salads in your garden, consider leaving a few plants to flower. This provides vital flowers for pollinators while still allowing you to harvest fresh greens. Plus, the flowers are very pretty and add a burst of colour and fragrance to your garden. It’s a win-win!

Top Picks for Bee-Friendly Herbs and Salads:
1. Marjoram: With delicate leaves and tiny flowers, marjoram is a favourite among bees and butterflies.
2. Chives: These slim green stalks produce vibrant show stopping purple blooms that bees find irresistible.
3. Thyme: Low-growing thyme is a pollinator magnet, with its fragrant leaves and pink – white flowers. As a bonus they grow well as a lawn replacement.
4. Rocket: While known for its peppery leaves, rocket’s delicate white flowers also attract bees and butterflies.

By letting your herbs and salads bloom, you’re also providing essential food and habitat for our pollinator friends. So, the next time you’re tending to your garden, consider leaving a few plants to flower. Your bees will thank you for it!

Happy gardening!

Ana & Em

Seedball founders Ana & Emily

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