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how it works
Super easy to use – simply scatter on soil and let nature do the rest
step one

choose the wildflowers you would like to grow

Are you looking to attract a particular type of wildlife, grow wildflowers of a specific colour, or looking for wildflowers that are most suitable for shade or busy road verges? Maybe you’re just looking for the perfect gardening gift? We have it covered! See our full range here.
step two

scatter onto bare soil or compost

No need to dig! As the wildflower seeds are encased in clay and peat-free compost, they are essentially already “planted”. Simply scatter onto bare soil or compost (avoid scattering on grass) on a garden bed or in a pot, leaving at least 10cm between each ball. The outer clay helps to prevent birds and insects from eating the seeds, keeping the seeds nicely protected and ensuring your bee and butterfly friendly wildflower garden has every chance of growing success.
step three

seeds germinate inside the ball and begin to sprout

With rain (or watering) and enough sun and warmth, the wildflower seeds inside the ball will start to germinate and little sprouts will begin to appear from the ball. This process can take 4-6 weeks from scattering. We add chilli powder to our Seedball recipe to help deter slugs and snails from eating the young shoots.
step four

ball breaks down as the plants become established

Slowly the ball will disperse and become less visible, leaving a patch of young plants which will continue to grow and grow into a beautiful wildflower garden.
step five

plants flower and become hub of wildlife activity!

Each wildflower species has a different flowering time and length of time taken to come into flower – some will flower in the first year and others will flower in the following year. Once in flower they will provide important habitat and food for an abundance of garden wildlife.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I scatter?  How many do I need?  When will they sprout?

What To Expect From Growing Wildflowers

In a natural setting wildflower seeds can stay viable for many years…

How To Look After Your Wildflowers

Wildflowers can be cut back at the end of their season in September…

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