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9 year old helps local wildlife by building insect habitats
How One Little Person Can Make A Big Difference For Wildlife

EnviroKid UK

Here at Seedball we were so impressed by how EnviroKid, age 9, made a huge difference for wildlife at his local school with a super simple action, we can all learn from. Here's his inspirational story!

When I get outside, I have so much fun. When I go back inside, I feel calmer and happier.
I’m only 9, but I know that this shift in my emotions happens.

Both humans and creatures need natural habitats. The outside world is good for us (it’s scientifically proven), and I believe that we can all play a part in creating more nature-friendly places.

Why I Want to Help Nature

When I was younger, I saw a programme at my school about all the destruction that was happening to our natural world, and Greta Thunberg was talking about how we can save the environment and what would happen to it if we don’t. I got very, very scared. I had a talk with mum about it. She explained that good people are trying to do their best to save wildlife and heal our planet. We discussed the little ways we, as a family, made a difference, but I wanted to do more.

A Love of Trees

I had already been bitten by the tree planting bug. When I was younger, I went on my first tree planting day with a local woodland and wildlife initiative. I really enjoyed it.

Since then, I have learned just how vital planting trees is. So, for my 9th birthday, I decided that, instead of having a birthday party or getting presents, I would stay silent for the whole day and ask people to donate money to buy trees and give them to my community.

My mum supported me with my silent protest. It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. The morning felt really long. At lunchtime, we ate the second meal of the day in complete silence. It was so weird. At around 3pm, we walked my dog, and I had to hold up a little note to explain to people why we couldn’t speak. By that point, I was worn out trying to be disciplined because I usually talk A LOT!

Doing the sponsored silence made me realise how hard it was for people who don't have a voice because they can't speak or because they are silenced.


In the end, we did it! And, I raised £517.10 to plant trees. I gave my school a small orchard, and I gave trees away to local charities and to my community. 60 trees in total.

I am still raising awareness. I recently started a YouTube channel for kids who love nature and a mini-online magazine called Pimp Your Patch. There are a few activities in the magazine and lots of information. I try to ensure that we get accurate information from experts. If you haven’t already, you must download it because one of my favourite photos ever is in it. It’s a photo that speaks a thousand words, and it was taken by Sara from Seedball. It shows just how many little lifeforms one flower can support! So, if you can’t plant a tree, plant a flower, or even better, a whole tin of flowers!

Check out what EnviroKid is doing over at Pimp My Patch

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