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bird feeder, tit bird, wild bird
Garden Wildlife Week: 31st May – 6th June

From the 31st May to the 6th June, it is Garden Wildlife Week! We can’t think of a better week to focus on turning your garden into a wildlife haven!  Whether you have a large garden, a paved yard, balcony or a window ledge, there is so much you can do!

Give your lawn a Mohican

We are at the end of #nomowmay so why not pick a section of your lawn to remain long. Leaving a patch of longer grass throughout the year can do wonders for wildlife.

Pop a hole in your fence

Help hedgehogs by popping a cd sized hole in your fence so they can easily move between gardens.

Put bird feeders out

bird feeder, tit bird, wild bird

Hang bird feeders or fat balls (plastic netting free) around your garden. Not only will you help out your garden birds you will also get to know them better. If you can situate your feeders as far from human activity as possible and near to shelter. So, under a tree is great. Don’t worry if it takes a while for them to start visiting your feeder. Do remember to clean feeders regularly 🙂

Put in a Pond

You can create a pond – large or small. Just make sure you have included sloping sides so wildlife can easily get in and out, as well as plenty of pebbles for bees and other insects to perch on.

Clean drinking water

Access to fresh (regularly cleaned and changed water is so important for garden wildlife!). A bird bath is the perfect addition, again just make sure that you have put pebbles in (or pretty marbles).

Homes for nature

Buy or build bird, bat, bee frog and hedgehog houses and consider leaving a pile of logs in a corner as a perfect insect home.

Insect Feast

“Bees like a banquet, not a snack”

Fill your pots, hanging baskets, vertical spaces and garden borders with flowers that are perfect for pollinators. Look for perfect for pollinator signs when you’re in the garden centre and allow herbs to flower. And of course pop in wildflowers.

Whatever space you have - it really is so easy to help make it wildlife friendly! Do share with us your #wildlifeweek projects here in the comments or on social media!

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