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Flower Mix Taxonomy: Bat Mix


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Night-Scented Stock

< back to flower guide Matthiola Longipetala information provided by SHOP FOR Night-Scented Stock SHOP ALL PRODUCTS

Evening Primrose

< back to flower guide Oenothera Biennis information provided by SHOP FOR Evening Primrose SHOP ALL PRODUCTS


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Corn marigold

< back to flower guide Corn marigold Glebionis Segetum information provided by Conservation Status Amber – Vulnerable and Near-Threatened Best Time to See In flower June to October Natural Habitat Most often found as an arable weed, but it can also be found on other disturbed sites such as rubbish tips, road verges, waste ground …

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< back to flower guide CORNFLOWER Centaurea Cyanus information provided by Conservation Status Green, least concern Best Time to See June, July, August Natural Habitat Cornfields, roadsides and hedgerows, particularly on light and sandy soils. An iconic image of rural meadows, the bright blue cornflower was once a common sight in cornfields, but it has …

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