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Guest Blogger Cheryl trials some of our Seed Boxes with her daugher 0 Educating the Next Generation
Nature Bug Club

Guest blogger Cheryl, from The Nature Bug Club, is trialling some of our Wildlife Collection seed boxes with her charming daughter Verity.

I don’t remember a time when I have not loved or been fascinated about the nature that surrounds me. I grew up in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds and spent hours as a child bug-hunting, following tracks and making cakes and potions! Those magical early years and childlike curiosity never really left and when my daughter Verity was born it was important for me to try and encourage that same curiosity in her.

I want to educate her as much as possible about the nature around her, in the hope that she will preserve and nurture it for the next generation. Thankfully, It would seem that its genetic, she loves being outside as much as me and we spend hours looking for wildlife and having adventures. Our garden has become a collection of hotels and houses for bugs, hedgehogs and frogs so I was absolutely delighted when Seedball contacted me to ask if I would be interested in doing a blog post for them regarding their new Wildlife Collection.

The Wildlife collection which we were kindly gifted, is a set of six beautifully illustrated boxes filled with wildflower seed balls. Each box has different wildflower seeds beneficial to the wildlife illustrated on the box and there are six different boxes, butterflies, bees, beetles, birds, hedgehog and bats. The Collection also comes with a fully illustrated guide of the wildflowers you are growing so you know what to expect.

What I love about this collection is that you can literally plant them anywhere! You don’t even need a garden, they would work just as well in a window box or pot and the simplicity of them makes them perfect for gardening with a toddler. There’s no mess, no seeds where you don’t want them and its quick, essential for a toddler with minimal attention span. The seed balls are simply placed on the top of the soil, watered and then left to do their thing, what could be easier?

We decided to plant our boxes in different areas of the garden and cannot wait to see the results. To engage Verity’s interest further we are going to keep a little journal of our wildflowers and record the visitor’s that each pot receives. We also used the empty boxes to make markers for the pots too, so that we know which ones were planted where.

If you would like to follow our Seedball progress then please give us a follow on our Instagram page @thenaturebugclub where we will be posting progress reports.

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