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Peat Free Pledge

Peat is being consumed 200 times faster than it forms...

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Our peatlands store more carbon than the forests of the UK, France and Germany combined, they provide clean drinking water and are habitats for some of our rarest species. Peat is being consumed 200 times faster than it forms. As a result we have lost 94% of our lowland bogs in the UK and there are just 6000 hectares left in good condition. Yet, every month gardeners in the UK use enough peat to fill 69 Olympic swimming pools.

To help address this, Project Maya (the eco-social enterprise that runs Seedball) has teamed up with Professor Mark Reed (right) to campaign against the use of peat-based composts and encourage us all to make a pledge to use only peat-free composts in our gardens and planters.

So why not visit¬†Project Maya’s¬†peat-free page, find out more and take the¬†#peatfree¬†pledge to help protect our vulnerable peatlands and the species that depend on them!!

Supporters of the campaign include the IUCN Peatland Programme, The John Muir Trust, The Scottish Wildlife Trust, Plantlife, Climate Revolution, Ecotricity and Birmingham City University, plus Vivienne Westwood (fashion designer and environmental activist), Simon King (naturalist, broadcaster and author), Stephen Moss (Bafta award winning television producer), Gordon Seabright (Director of the Eden Project), Marion Spain (CEO of Plantlife) and Helen Browning (CEO of the Soil Association). 

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