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Celebrating Hedgehog Awareness Week: How You Can Help Our Spiky Friends

Hedgehogs are one of the most iconic creatures of the British countryside, with their endearing snuffles and unmistakable prickly coats. Yet, despite their charm, hedgehog populations have been steadily declining in recent years, making initiatives like Hedgehog Awareness Week more important than ever. This year, from the 5th to the 11th of May, we’ve been shining a spotlight on these spiky mammals and sharing how you can join the effort to protect them.

Why Hedgehogs Matter:
Hedgehogs play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of our ecosystems. As natural pest controllers, they help keep insect populations in check, making them valuable allies for gardeners. Additionally, hedgehogs are indicators of a healthy environment; their presence indicates a thriving ecosystem with diverse habitats and abundant food sources.

The Decline of Hedgehogs:
Unfortunately, hedgehog populations have been facing significant challenges in recent decades. Habitat loss, fragmentation, and the use of pesticides have all contributed to their decline. Loss of hedgerows, green spaces, and natural foraging grounds for hedgehogs, have made it increasingly difficult for them to find suitable habitats and food.

How You Can Help:
Thankfully, there are many ways you can support hedgehog conservation efforts, both big and small. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
1. Create Hedgehog-Friendly Gardens: Make your garden hedgehog-friendly by providing access points, such as small holes or gaps in fences, and leaving wild areas for hedgehogs to forage and nest.
2. Avoid Harmful Chemicals: Opt for natural alternatives to pesticides and slug pellets in your garden to protect hedgehogs and other wildlife from harmful chemicals.
3. Provide Food and Water: Leave out shallow dishes of water and hedgehog-friendly food, such as meat-based cat or dog food (avoid fish-based products), to supplement their diet, especially during dry spells.
4. Build Hedgehog Homes: Consider installing a hedgehog house or shelter in your garden to provide a safe habitat for hedgehogs to rest and hibernate.
5. Spread Awareness: Share information about Hedgehog Awareness Week and the importance of hedgehog conservation with friends, family, and neighbours to inspire collective action.


    Hedgehog Highway

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Join Us in Celebrating Hedgehog Awareness Week:
At Seedball, we’re passionate about supporting biodiversity and protecting native wildlife. That’s why we’re proud to celebrate Hedgehog Awareness Week and raise awareness about the plight of these beloved creatures. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a brighter future for hedgehogs and the ecosystems they inhabit.

This Hedgehog Awareness Week, let’s come together to celebrate these enchanting creatures and take action to protect their future. By making small changes in our own gardens and communities, we can create a safer and more welcoming environment for hedgehogs to thrive. Join us in spreading the word and making a positive impact for hedgehogs everywhere!

Ana & Em 😌

p.s. for every tin of our hedgehog mix sold we give a donation to the Peoples Trust for Endangered Species.

Seedball founders Ana & Emily

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