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New Bumblebee Mixes!

The UK supports around 10% of the world’s species of bumblebee. These two dozen species play a vital role in pollinating hundreds of millions of pounds of crops. From the 1950s, scientists noticed bumblebee populations in the UK were in decline and three of the UK’s native bumblebees have become

Half of British wildflowers declined

The past twenty years has seen a steep decline in native wild flowers, the latest BSBI Plant Atlas finds. The overall shocking news is that British flora is now so depleted there are.   more non-native plants recorded in the wild than native. Over 50% of native flora recorded over

National Nestbox Week

National nest box week starts on Valentine’s Day on the 14th. This is the perfect time to install a nest box, and help out the dwindling garden bird population. As gardens have become tidier and many hedges replaced with fences, there are fewer and fewer places for birds to nest.

LOVE wildflowers this Valentine’s!

Let’s LOVE wildflowers this valentine’s!  At Seedball we’re all about the ‘birds and bees’ this Valentine’s Day, here’s what you can grow to share the love with wildlife that can be found in your garden. It’s time to think about planting up your garden to give wildlife a valentine’s day


Rewild Your School Xmas 2023

Christmas wildflowers for your school!! We’re now out of stock, but please do pop back in the Spring as we’re sure to have more! We’re not keen on waste, and given we have lots of wildflower odd balls at the moment we wanted to offer these to schools / parents

🐦 Big Garden Birdwatch 🐦 2023

Join in with the RSPB’s annual Big Garden Bird Watch. Simply count the birds you see in your garden, local park or from your balcony for one hour between the 27-29th January 2023!  It’s a great way to help conservation! So why not get the kettle on and settle down

How To Make A Pine Cone Bird Feeder

This is a super cheap way to make a bird-feeder, which can be hung in a tree or your back-garden as a festive feeder for the birds or all year round. It’s a great activity for young nature lovers too. What You Need: Pine cone String or twine Assorted seeds

Which animals are the true hibernators?

We may all feel like hunkering down during the winter months but which animals truly hibernate in the UK? Hibernation is a survival tactic, a form of deep sleep, as protection against a period of time when food is scarce or non-existent. When temperatures drop, it is often too cold for

How To Make A Mini Bug Hotel

Giving wildlife somewhere dry to shelter is a wonderful addition to any wildlife-friendly garden. Nature loves an untidy corner with lots of nooks and crannies to climb into. This super simple tutorial will show you how to make one for free. What you will need: Hollow canes we used old raspberry

Surprising Facts About Hedgehogs!

There have been many stories about hedgehogs, especially in children’s literature, from Beatrix Potter’s, Mrs Tiggywinkle, to Alison Uttley’s, Fuzzypeg. But how do these iconic and adored mammals actually spend their time? The hedgehog’s life is mainly a solitary one spent busily foraging by night and safely sleeping by day,

Butterfly Art Competition!

We’d love to see drawings of your favourite British butterflies and day-flying moths, to raise awareness of vulnerable species. Get Your Artwork Featured on a Seedball Tin! Calling all budding artists, 🧑‍🎨 crafty collagers and playful painters. 🎨 Help us to inspire people to grow 🌸 wildflowers and save 🦋

September Wildflowers

Wildflowers to look out for in September, include the mauve pincushions of Field Scabious (Knautia arvensis). Interestingly ‘mauve’ is the French name for ‘mallow’. The dark pink flowers of Common Mallow (Malva sylvestris) can be found now along with the paler sweet scented Musk Mallow (Malva moschata) are blooming now too. Common Mallow The scrambling

Autumn School Giveaway 2022

Grab your FREE Oddballs for schools this Autumn, an important time in the wildflower calendar! Autumn is a great time to sow wildflowers, because it replicates the natural life-cycle of a seed. And so, to celebrate Seedball are giving away bags of Oddballs to schools (while stocks last). All you need

Wildflowers Of August

The month of blue skies, sunshine and holidays, along with the occasional heatwave or torrential downpour! We have listed a few wildflowers you might find blooming in August. Look out for different seed vessels- like the shaker-pots of poppies or the tight, fluffy, fists of wild carrot. Did you know

Wildflowers Of July 2023

The midsummer month of July brings us wildflowers that take a little longer to get going but can last until the autumn, providing pollen and nectar for bees and butterflies. Knapweed also know as ‘hardheads’, will be revealing their tufty purple petals from within their sturdy buds.Scented Meadowsweet will be enticing pollinators

National Insect Week 2022

Run by the Royal Entomological Society a whole week dedicated to insects and encouraging people of all ages to find out more about the little things that run the world. “Insects may be small, but they have a huge impact on people and nature.”  Professor Helen Roy MBE, Royal Entomological Society President

Seedball Wildflowers

Wildflowers of June 2022

Wildflowers really begin to come into their own this month! Cowslips and bluebells will likely be finished blooming, and most of the flowers that began emerging in May will continue flowering throughout June and often right up until the end of the Summer. Keep on deadheading your wildflowers and they’ll

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Go Wild this June for 30 Days Wild!

We love June – as it’s time to join in with the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild challenge. This month The Wildlife Trust challenge you to do one wild thing a day – 30 simple, fun and exciting Random Acts of Wildness. Your Random Acts of Wildness can be big

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What to Expect from Growing Wildflowers

Wildflowers are notoriously tricky to grow which is why we try to give them as much help as possible! In a natural setting wildflower seeds can stay viable for many years and only burst into life when the conditions for that particular seed are just right. Not all seeds scattered

Peat-free April

Why our peat bogs are so important and why you should go peat-free We are now nearing the end of ‘Peat Free April.’ But we are hoping that everyone now sees how easy it is to be peat free and continues on! Happily, Peat sales to gardeners in England and

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Insects In The Garden

Growing wildflowers in your space, should attract lots of beneficial insects. Here are some you might see in Spring. Aphids You may not think aphids are beneficial but in order for some of our favourite wildlife to survive they need to exist! There are more than 4000 different species of

British Butterflies – I.D. Basics

The Very Amateur Naturalist Nick Ostler is a scriptwriter by day and a wildlife obsessive also mainly by day. Instagram @theveryamateurnaturalist Twitter @theveryamateur1 All images and words © Nick Ostler Confession time I never used to bother trying to identify butterflies. Every time I crept close to one it would

Seedball Oxeye Daisy

Spring School Giveaway 2022

Join our Spring School Wildflower Revolution! Huzzah! To celebrate Spring and make sure we make 2022 the most blooming marvellous year yet we’re giving away bags of of odd balls to schools while stocks last (see form below). All you need to do is cover postage (£6pp). You will receive

9 year old helps local wildlife by building insect habitats

How One Little Person Can Make A Big Difference For Wildlife

EnviroKid UK Here at Seedball we were so impressed by how EnviroKid, age 9, made a huge difference for wildlife at his local school with a super simple action, we can all learn from. Here’s his inspirational story! When I get outside, I have so much fun. When I go

BBC Green Planet Seed Balls

BBC Green Planet Seed Balls

** entry now closed – 11th March – thank you for the wonderful response ** We’re sooo excited to be working with the BBC to supply a million wildflower seed balls as part of The Green Planet TV series. Packs will be available for free to schools across the UK!

February Garden Wildlife

Frosty February, short on days but big on love, with Valentine’s Day on the 14th. This month can be bitterly cold with grey snow-filled skies or clear and frosty with amazingly colourful sunrises and sunsets. But there is still plenty of wildlife to look out for in your garden. Some flowers

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 🐦

Get the kettle on and settle down at your window to watch the birds in the garden. It’s really easy to become a citizen scientist and help the RSPB count birds in the garden! Just spend an hour between Friday 28 and Sunday 30 January counting garden visitors. It’s free,


by Sally Coulthard By best-selling nature writer Sally Coulthard, Woodcuts by Sarah Price. When Charles Darwin had to pick what he thought was the most important animal in the world he didn’t choose the ape for its intelligence, or the sheep for its usefulness, or the duck-billed platypus for

Seedball Christmas Gift Guide

From Seedball gift boxes and sets to gifts stocked on our site from our favourite independent makers. The Seedball 2021 Gift Guide contains gifts from organic beauty to childhood treasures, find a wildlife loving, outdoorsy, sustainable feel good gift for everyone – support small business in 2021 – make it

Gardening For Wildlife

Get gardening for wildlife! The last 50 years have been witness to huge declines in native wildlife species. Together we can really do something to reverse this. British gardens combined, cover more land than all our nature reserves put together! Estimated at a whopping 10 million acres. Making our gardens


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