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Backyard Nature – The Planet Needs You!

We are so so delighted and proud to be a partner of Backyard Nature, a campaign to get all children to spend more time enjoying and protecting nature where they live. Run by the brilliant Semble (previously known as ‘Project Dirt’), the project will be launched this Saturday with over 300,000 of our very own seed balls given away to children for FREE in all 980 Iceland and Food Warehouse stores. EPIC! 

For just THIS Saturday (14th September) you can pick up seed balls in your nearest Iceland store! 

Why? In order to care about nature we must interact with it. Just as David Attenborough says, “No-one will protect what they don’t care about and no-one will care about what they have never experienced.’

Nature needs to be a part of everyones everyday lives to enable the connection required to fight for it. This is especially important in this time of ever greater environmental challenges.

The children of today need to have both the tools and the connection with nature to fight for nature. Yet with 62% of British children spending less then five hours per week outdoors it seems like we’re some way off giving them the exposure to nature needed to recognise its value and stand up for it when needed. The Backyard Nature campaign tackles this head on by helping children (and their grown ups) make a real difference to the planet, aiming to inspire a million hours of nature engagement over the next 18 months.

Backyard Nature is aimed as much at children living in blocks of flats, or with tiny backyards, as to those who have access to more space outdoors. The campaign (along with our seedballs) will them to help them grow wildflowers, spot butterflies and bees, and to take small actions to help nature and wildlife. We’re totally inspired and incredibly proud to be a part of the campaign!

So all that’s really needed is to pick a patch! Whether it’s a plant pot on your windowsill, a bare garden bed, or a corner of outdoor space at school, it all helps. Remember, all the UK gardens combined make up an area larger than all of our National Nature Reserves so by protecting even the smallest of patches, a massive difference can be made to the planet! Not only in creation of new habitats but also in creating lifelong guardians of nature!

Learn more and pick your patch at If there are no seed balls left at your local Iceland and you would like to make your own seed balls, we now have a make your own seed balls kit back!

Lots and lots and lots of seed balls – we made over 300,000 which together is over 15 million wildflower seeds! Blimey!
We ran out of space at happy cottage! 😀
980 packs of seed balls headed to an Iceland store near you!
Backyard Nature is helping children (and their grown-ups) to make a real difference to the planet. How? By providing them with the tools they need to protect their own patch of nature – even if they live in the heart of a city.

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