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School children scattering Seedballs
Autumn School Giveaway 2022

Grab your FREE Oddballs for schools this Autumn, an important time in the wildflower calendar!

Autumn is a great time to sow wildflowers, because it replicates the natural life-cycle of a seed. And so, to celebrate Seedball are giving away bags of Oddballs to schools (while stocks last). All you need to do is cover postage (£6pp).

Fill in the form below and we will send you a 300g bag of Oddballs to cover an area of 15-18m. They can be used to create one large wildlife-friendly wildflower area, or distributed in pots and hanging baskets across the school; they even work well in tin cans filled in soil (all you need is one Oddball per tin).  Our Oddballs are a mixture of all varieties – we call them ‘odd balls’ as they are a little mis-shaped but still do their job wonderfully. 

Seedballs are super easy to use! Simply scatter on top of prepared bare soil, or on peat-free compost in pots and keep well-watered (initially water more than you would ordinary seed, to make sure the clay is damp enough to break down). 

A marvellous activity for children, growing wildflowers helps give bees and butterflies the nectar and pollen they need to thrive, wildflowers also provide food for caterpillars and attract beneficial insects like ladybirds and lacewings. The increased insect activity in turn helps birds and mammals such as the endangered hedgehog.

Seedballs contain native wildflower seeds, clay and peat-free compost which protect the seeds and aid germination, a sprinkling of chilli powder deters predators  giving the emerging shoots a head start.

Kids can have fun throwing the balls onto bare soil and watching them sprout and grow with regular watering to become a beautiful, buzzing haven for wildlife.

Want Seedballs for your school? Simply apply using the form below…. Please note there is a £6 P&P charge.

UK only.

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